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Sonata 10 released, looks like Aston Martin!

Although the Korean car is currently in the country with a large number of models, the only ones that can really take the lead are the modern ix35, the leading, the Fiesta and the Kia’s Zhirun.

However, with the release of the new generation Sonata The photos also indicate that Beijing Hyundai will usher in this reinforcement in the second half of the year. The sales of Sonata Nine in China are undoubtedly a failure, and the new Sonata can reverse the situation?

Sonata 10 released, looks like Aston Martin, 160,000 to sell crazy

As the first product of Hyundai Motor, Sonata’s history and reputation are unmatched by other models of the family. At the beginning of its birth, the goal was to enter the North American market.

However, the first-generation Sonata launched in 1985 was not sold in the United States because it did not comply with US emission regulations. However, in South Korea, it sold a total of 582,822 vehicles in the three years of production due to the appearance and rich configuration of the Founder atmosphere. Even if it is put now, it is a dazzling achievement.

With the previous achievements, the second generation Sonata officially entered the North American market, and this generation of models was designed by Giugiaro and is the same platform as Mitsubishi Golan. The engine is also from Mitsubishi. It uses a pre-precursor layout and is sold in the United States. In the past five years, it sold a total of about 120,000 units, which is a good result for a new car.

Starting from the third-generation Sonata in 1993

It is no longer produced on the same platform as Mitsubishi Golan, but instead uses the Hyundai-Kia Y3 platform, but the engine is still from Mitsubishi, and this generation is no longer limited to North America and South Korea. Locally, it has truly become a global model. In 1993-1998, the sales volume exceeded 1 million units, which established its status as a trump card in Hyundai.

The fourth-generation Sonata has not changed much, but this time it used a modern self-developed engine, and because it looks more European-oriented, it performs well in the North American market. After entering the millennium, Hyundai also launched the fifth-generation Sonata, but from the code name, it is only the fourth-generation redesigned model, but the sales volume has made a qualitative leap, especially in the North American market, the first annual sales breakthrough. With 100,000 units, this generation of models was also made by Beijing Hyundai for the first time, and it was a hit, both as a private car and a taxi.

Since then, the six or seven generation models have achieved good sales in South Korea and the United States, but they have almost been defeated in the domestic market, but with the release of the eighth generation Sonata, one of the “Suo Ba, K5, Mai Rui Bao”, it Not only has a good performance in the global market, but also the highest monthly sales in the country has reached 10,000 units, which is the most successful generation after the fifth generation Sonata.

The ninth-generation Sonata currently on sale has not achieved the desired results, but with the release of the new Sonata, it seems that the glory is just around the corner.

A new design language that resembles Aston Martin

The new Sonata uses a design language called “Sensuous Sportiness” and draws on the elements of the Le Fil Rouge concept car. The front face is flatter than the cashmere, and the long and narrow headlights are so powerful that it seems to be ready at any time. The conversion to Aston Martin is not inconsistent.

Size upgrade is also necessary, the new Sonata body length and width increased by 45mm and 25mm, height reduced by 30mm, wheelbase increased by 35mm, so that the side of the body is more slender, and the three-waist line design makes the side not too monotonous, The tail is designed with a through-type taillight, and the lamp sets on both sides are in a “C” shape. At the same time, the upsplashing spoiler not only plays a decorative role, but also brings good aerodynamic performance.

There is no doubt about the power of modern design. Gao Yan value has always been one of its labels. The appearance of this new Sonata has given us a lot of surprises. After the Accord and Camry are transformed into sports style, they are more sporty. The luxurious Sonata is also coming soon. Can you accept this style?

Luxury into the main tone of the interior

You can say that the interior of the Sonata is at home and stable, but it is absolutely not intimate with luxury. However, from the interior picture released by the new Sonata, the new car abandoned the wooden plaque and switched to a large number of lightweight fabrics and leather. The material, the brown color scheme brings a good texture and luxury.

In addition, liquid crystal meters and suspension-type central control screens like parallelograms bring a good sense of technology. The only thing worth to mention is the four-spoke multi-function steering wheel, which can only be described as simple.

As for the power, the new car is expected to provide 2.4L, 2.0T and 2.0L hybrid power. After the domestic production, it is also possible to introduce a plug-in hybrid version to meet the needs of consumers. As for the specific parameters and the gearbox, it has not been announced yet.

What is the prospect of domestic production?

The current Sonata is already a marginal model. There is no market heat and even low visibility on the street, which inevitably adds a pressure to the new Sonata. But the reason for the success of the eighth generation of Sonata is because of the huge changes, new The appearance and interior of Sonata also have earth-shaking changes, and may achieve unexpected results.

But another important factor is that the current brand influence of Korean cars is far less than that of Japanese and German. In the mid-level car market of Sonata, it will face opponents such as Accord, Camry, Scorpio, Magotan and Passat. There is no absolute advantage in the new Sonata. Perhaps the big price tag is a way out.

However, with reference to the starting price of the current Sonata’s 169,800, it is only equal to the Accord. Moreover, today, when the growth rate of the auto market is slowing down, competitors have already begun to exchange prices. Sonata has no advantage at all. Sonata wants to make a head start in the fierce competition for the mid-size car market. The pricing of around 160,000 is most suitable. Although it may not be realistic, the price of the Mai Rui Bao XL is only 150,000, and even lower after the discount. It is not necessary to end up, it is better to simply do a price butcher.

Written at the end

Compared with Mazda and Mitsubishi, which are also second-tier joint venture brands, Hyundai has an advantage in both vehicle launch and sales. It needs to consider further impact. The new Sonata is a heavy weapon. If the price is right and continue to be low price. The high-profile strategy will not help the overall development of the brand. What do you think will be the performance of the new Sonata in the market?

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