Citroen C3-XR

Citroen C3-XR configuration exposure listed on March 14

A few days ago, we obtained a set of configuration information for a new Citroen C3-XR. A total of 1.6L manual over-the-counter, 1.2T automatic over-the-counter version, 1.6L automatic over-the-counter version and 1.2T automatic over-the-reel version were introduced. According to previous news, the new car will be officially listed in March.

Citroen C3-XR configuration exposure March 14 listing

In terms of appearance, the new Citroen C3-XR adopts the latest design language of the family and is more youthful and fashionable.

The front face of the new car uses Citron’s latest family-style design, and the upper air intake grille has been changed to a split-type design – the air intake grille at the top of the new car is narrow and narrow, and the trim strips that cross the left and right headlights are combined.

The Citroen LOGO adds a sense of overallity to the front of the new car. At the same time, the central grille of the front face of the new car has a hexagonal design as a whole, with a flat-shaped hole-shaped front mesh, which has a fashionable style. In addition, the lower grille of the new car has a trapezoidal design and is decorated with red. At the same time, the new car’s LED daytime running lights also added black decoration around.

On the side of the car, the new Citroen C3-XR is in line with the current model

The new car is fitted with a new style of five-spoke rims. The rear end of the new Citroen C3-XR is only concentrated in the taillight section, and the recessed design enhances freshness.

In terms of internal configuration, the new car will be equipped with four-door electric windows (one-key drop and anti-clip on the main drive side), 4/6 ratio on the rear seats, and two high-profile models with fabric/TEP stitching seats and panoramic canopy. , multi-function steering wheel, etc.

In terms of intelligent technology configuration, the new car comes standard with variable speed steering, USB, Bluetooth, automatic transmission models with intelligent start and stop, two high-profile models will also add electronically controlled air conditioning, 7-inch central control screen, and optional 9-inch In the control of the big screen.

In the power section, the new car is powered by 1.6L and 1.2T, with a maximum power of 86/85kW and a maximum torque of 150/190Nm, matching the 5MT/6AT gearbox. In addition, the new car will also be equipped with ABS+EBD and front double airbags.

The automatic transmission models will be equipped with ESP electronic body stability, uphill assist and indirect tire pressure monitoring. The two high-profile models will also be equipped with rear double air curtains. And the rear radar.

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