5 new cars will be pushed from next month, SUVs, super-runs and electric cars.

Xu Liuping, chairman and party secretary of China First Automobile Group, said recently: “Red will launch the red flag HS5 in the month of the month, and the red flag HS7 will be launched in July. At the end of the year, there will be pure electric products with a cruising range of over 500 kilometers. T

he red flag sports car will also be this year. The Frankfurt Motor Show was officially unveiled. In addition, Red Flag’s first pure electric SUV, the E-HS3, will be launched in the first half of the year. In other words, Red Flag will launch five new models this year.

Red Flag HS5

The red flag has finally risen! 5 new cars will be pushed from next month, SUVs, super-runs and electric cars.
The length, width and height of the red flag HS5 are 4760×1907×1700mm, and the wheelbase is 2870mm. Except for the wheelbase, the Audi Q5L is super. The 2.0T engine is equipped with a maximum power of 165kW, which meets the national six emission standards. The traditional system is expected to use the same 8AT gearbox as the HS7. In addition, the fuel consumption of the new car is 7.9L/100km.

Appearance, the red flag HS5 uses a family-style design language, the front face is equipped with a straight waterfall-style large mouth grille, the headlight group is more slender, and the internal integrated LED light source, the fog lamp area is inverted triangle design, and supplemented with chrome decoration. The overall shape of the body is round and sleek, and the lower part of the body is equipped with a black anti-scratch skirt and wheel eyebrows. Two sizes of wheels are available for consumers to choose from (18 inches / 20 inches).

Red Flag HS7

The red flag has finally risen! 5 new cars will be pushed from next month, SUVs, super-runs and electric cars.
The red flag HS7 body length and height are 5035 × 1989 × 1754mm, the wheelbase is 3008mm, positioned in a medium and large SUV, its wheelbase performance has surpassed the Audi flagship SUV – Q7.

In addition, the new car is equipped with electric steering system (EPS), front seat heating / ventilation / memory, two-row seat heating / ventilation, electric panoramic sunroof, three-zone automatic air conditioning with air quality sensor (AQS), multi-function steering wheel Multiple luxury configurations such as heating and shifting.

In the power section, the Red Flag HS7 is equipped with a 3.0L V6TD engine with a maximum power of 248kW and a peak torque of 445Nm, which is stronger than the Audi Q7. The transmission system is matched with the Aisin 8-speed automatic transmission. The new car has a maximum speed of 230km/h, and the acceleration time of 100km is only 7.8s, which is basically consistent with the Audi Q7.

Red Flag E-HS3

E-HS3 is the “first shot” for the Red Flag to launch a new energy offensive. In terms of body size, the car is in A+ class with a wheelbase of 2750mm. Compared with the BYD Song EV 500 of the same class, the red flag E-HS3 has obvious advantages in width and wheelbase, meaning that the rear legroom will More spacious.

In terms of power, the Red Flag E-HS3 will be equipped with two permanent magnet synchronous motors with a maximum power of 114kW and a ternary lithium-ion battery. The battery life is similar to that of the BYD Song EV 500. In addition, the new car also provides two-wheel drive, four-wheel drive models for consumers to choose, which four-wheel drive model 100 km acceleration is only 5.9 seconds, in the same position in the leading position.

New sports car

At the Beijing Auto Show last year, Hongqi’s new GT concept car was officially unveiled, further clearly explaining the DNA of the Red Flag brand. It is understood that this sports car that will be unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show is the production version of the GT concept car. The appearance of the GT concept car is very sci-fi and the lines are very beautiful. In addition, the new flag of Red Flag replaces the previous “Sunflower” LOGO.

The design of the front face of the Red Flag GT concept is inspired by the open city gate, which is designed with a number of straight waterfall-style mesh grilles and U-shaped headlights with LED light strips.

The red flag in the center of the hood runs through the entire front. On the side of the car body, the new car adopts a slip-back style and uses a short front overhanging rear suspension design. The layout of the streamlined taillights is novel and echoes the front of the car, and the fashion atmosphere is strong.

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