Can Lectra and WEY break the “magic”?

Lectra and WEY are the high-end brands of Geely and Great Wall respectively. Since the launch of the first model of Lectra, the dispute between Lectra and WEY has not stopped.

As the most direct competitor, Lectra and WEY are in sync with the number of models. At present, each has four models, three fuel vehicles, and a plug-in hybrid model. The only difference is that in terms of vehicle types, Lectra insists that cars and SUVs go hand in hand, while WEY focuses on the SUV field.

The former recently exposed the Lectra 03 high-performance model, which announced its cooperation with Babs at the Geneva Motor Show. This means that our own brand will usher in a truly high-performance model in the future.

Lectra, WEY bet high performance models

As we all know, Lectra adopted the CMA architecture jointly developed by Geely and Volvo. In addition to the Lectra models, it also includes the Volvo XC40. When the Lectra 03 was listed, it planted a performance seed for it. The listing site was selected at the Fuji Circuit in Japan, and it was announced that it will compete in the WTCR event in 2019.

A series of actions were carried out to promote high-performance models. Foreshadowing. It is understood that the 2.0T model of the production of the Lectra 03 will be launched in three versions, including 190 hp for the low-power model, 250 hp for the standard power model, and 350 hp for the high-power version.

WEY brand reached a strategic cooperation agreement with Babs at this year’s Geneva Motor Show. The two sides will cooperate in the development of powertrain, interior and exterior design and vehicle tuning, and will launch WEY limited edition, annual version and high-end models. Customized version of the model. Babs is one of the Mercedes-Benz refit brands. Compared to AMG, its reputation is indeed a little smaller, but the modified works by Babs are both examples of performance and top luxury.

Performance cars run counter to sales

The performance car seems to be unable to fall in the country. The Dream car, which has been countless fans, Mitsubishi Evolution, Subaru WRX STI, only face delisting in the end. Not long ago, Toyota Reiz, known as the “Dahouchao”, announced that it would suspend production. Subaru BRZ and Toyota GT86 also announced their withdrawal from the Chinese market······

In Europe, Japan, and even Thailand, performance cars have developed quite well. Why did China become a niche model when it arrived in China? After all, if you want to pay for the feelings in the country, it is not a small amount. Once the performance label is applied, the price tends to double or even double the ordinary version. How many people are willing to spend more money, in exchange for the appearance that is not much different from the normal version?

For a simple example, take Golf GTI, the price of its 2019 is 239,900 yuan, you can choose the first-line luxury brand, such as Audi A3, BMW 1 Series, buy an entry A3 discount, also Can save tens of thousands, although the same platform as golf, but who is accounting, not all for the sake of a standard! The imported R32, the price of buying Audi A4L, Mercedes-Benz C-class, BMW 3 Series is more than enough.

Does the Chinese market need high-performance models?

Nowadays, with the improvement of people’s living standards and the development of younger trends, performance cars are no longer rare species. Take the Mara Car City Community Garage, parked with Golf GTI, Mercedes A43 AMG, and even SQ5. Not to mention in some high-end residential areas, I don’t know how many Crouching Tigers and Hidden Dragons.

However, for the current domestic market, the choice of a favorite performance car is very small. Of course, the exception of the money, the Audi RS, Mercedes-Benz AMG, BMW M series of doors will always be open for you, and the brand’s high-performance product matrix is ​​gradually improving, more and more models can be bought.

As an ordinary consumer, it seems that it is difficult to find a real performance car in the joint venture and independent brands. You have to say that there are Civic, Angkeira, MG 6, and the modern Fiesta that has just been listed for 7.6 seconds, but they are basically a performance car that is not really meaningful.

Although there is a market gap, in the view of the horse-drawn car market, its sales are still difficult to pick up. Lectra and WEY are emerging brands. It is difficult to get consumers to recognize them in a short period of time, let alone launch high-performance models. After all, prices, audiences and culture are still relatively lacking in the country.

Ma Wei:

In the future, Lectra and WEY will launch high-performance models, which is a choice for domestic consumers to purchase cars. However, it is foreseeable that the performance car will be a very small model in the future. Lectra and WEY need to face not only the price considerations, but also the vehicle itself, including the engine, suspension adjustment and driving. Feelings are very big challenges.

Of course, the biggest reason for manufacturers to develop performance cars is to enhance their brand image and show their latest technological achievements to the world, thus enhancing their position in people’s minds. This is also the foundation for Lectra and WEY to go abroad and go to the world.

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